Download Latest Archos USB Drivers For All Models [UPDATED]

If you are looking for you to using Archos smartphone or tablet? If yes, are you find a way to attach your device with the computer? If yes again is your answer, you are on the right page. Download Archos USB Drivers & Also Archos Stock ROM of your device given here (Base on your Phone model Number), install it in your computer and Attach your  Archos device with Laptop or PC successfully.

Archos doesn’t offer Laptop or computer suite software, downloading it and setting up the USB drivers in your personal computer is the only path to Connect your Archos smartphone or tablet with your personal computer or Laptop.

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Download Archos USB Driver for all Models

Model NameDownload
Archos 40 NeonDriver
Archos 40 TitaniumDriver
Archos 40b TitaniumDriver
Archos 40c TitaniumDriver
Archos 40d TitaniumDriver
Archos 45 Helium 4GDriver
Archos 45 PlatinumDriver
Archos 45 TitaniumDriver
Archos 45B HeliumDriver
Archos 45b NeonDriver
Archos 45c PlatinumDriver
Archos 45d PlatinumDriver
Archos 50 CobaltDriver
Archos 50 DiamondDriver
Archos 50 GraphiteDriver
Archos 50 Helium 4GDriver
Archos 50 Helium PlusDriver
Archos 50 NeonDriver
Archos 50 OxygenDriver
Archos 50 Oxygen PlusDriver
Archos 50 PlatinumDriver
Archos 50 Platinum 4GDriver
Archos 50 PowerDriver
Archos 50 SaphirDriver
Archos 50 TitaniumDriver
Archos 50b CobaltDriver
Archos 50b Helium 4GDriver
Archos 50B NeonDriver
Archos 50B OxygenDriver
Archos 50b PlatinumDriver
Archos 50b Platinum 4GDriver
Archos 50b Titanium 4GDriver
Archos 50c NeonDriver
Archos 50c OxygenDriver
Archos 50c PlatiniumDriver
Archos 50C PlatinumDriver
Archos 50C PlatinumDriver
Archos 50D HeliumDriver
Archos 50d Helium 4GDriver
Archos 50D NeonDriver
Archos 50e HeliumDriver
Archos 50e NeonDriver
Archos 50f NeonDriver
Archos 53 PlatinumDriver
Archos 53 TitaniumDriver
Archos 55 Cobalt PlusDriver
Archos 55 GraphiteDriver
Archos 55 HeliumDriver
Archos 55 Helium PlusDriver
Archos 55 PlatinumDriver
Archos 55b CobaltDriver
Archos 55b PlatinumDriver
Archos 60 PlatinumDriver
Archos 62 XenonDriver
Archos 64 XenonDriver
Archos 70 Platinum 3GDriver
Archos 70B CobaltDriver
Archos 70b NeonDriver
Archos 80 Helium 4GDriver
Archos 90 CopperDriver
Archos 90b NeonDriver
Archos 97C PlatinumDriver
Archos 101 Access 3GDriver
Archos 101 Core 3GDriver
Archos 101 Helium 4GDriver
Archos 101 MagnusDriver
Archos 101 Platinum 3GDriver
Archos 101 Xenon LiteDriver
Archos 101b CopperDriver
Archos 101b HeliumDriver
Archos 101b PlatinumDriver
Archos 101b XenonDriver
Archos 101C CopperDriver
Archos 101C HeliumDriver
Archos 101C NeonDriver
Archos 101C PlatinumDriver
Archos 101C XenonDriver
Archos 101D NeonDriver
Archos 101d Neon 16GDriver
Archos 101E NeonDriver
Archos 101f NeonDriver
Archos 116 NeonDriver
Archos 133 OxygenDriver
Archos AC55 PlatinumDriver
Archos Access 45 4GDriver
Archos Access 50 3GDriver
Archos Access 50 4GDriver
Archos Access 50 Color 4GDriver
Archos Access 50 SDriver
Archos Access 55 3GDriver
Archos Access 57 4GDriver
Archos Access 70 3GDriver
Archos Alba 4Driver
Archos Alba 5Driver
Archos Alba 5 3GDriver
Archos Alba 8 V3Driver
Archos Core 101 3GDriver
Archos Core 101 3G UltraDriver
Archos Core 101 4GDriver
Archos Core 50PDriver
Archos Core 55 4GDriver
Archos Core 55S UltraDriver
Archos Core 62SDriver
Archos Core 80 Wi-FiDriver
Archos DiamondDriver
Archos Diamond 2 PlusDriver
Archos Diamond PlusDriver
Archos Diamond SDriver
Archos GamePad 2Driver
Archos Hello 7Driver
Archos Hello 10Driver
Archos Mate 7Driver
Archos Oxygen 57Driver
Archos Oxygen 63Driver
Archos Oxygen 68 XLDriver
Archos Oxygen 101 SDriver
Archos Saphir 50xDriver
Archos Sense 50 DCDriver
Archos Sense 55 DCDriver
Archos Sense 55SDriver

How to Install Archos USB Drivers for Windows

1: Download Archos USB Drivers and extract it on your PC.
2: NOW, open Device Manager > Action > Add legacy hardware
3: Click “Next” in the Add legacy hardware wizard
4: NOW, select“Install the hardware that I manually select from the list (Proceed)” and click “Next“.
5: When done choose “Show all devices“, click “Next” and select the extracted file manually from your PC.
6: Now to start installing your new hardware, click “Next” once again.
7: Click “Install” in the Windows security prompt window.
8: Click “Finish” to complete the installation.

That’s it. Now you have successfully finished installing Android ADB Driver on your Windows computer. From now on, you will be able to connect your Android smartphone or tablet with the PC successfully.


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