Download Latest Meizu USB Drivers For All Models [UPDATED]

If you are looking for you to using Meizu smartphone or tablet? If yes, are you find a way to attach your device with the computer? If yes again is your answer, you are on the right page. Download Meizu USB Drivers & Also Meizu Stock ROM of your device given here (Base on your Phone model Number), install it in your computer and Attach your  Meizu device with Laptop or PC successfully.

Meizu doesn’t offer Laptop or computer suite software, downloading it and setting up the USB drivers in your personal computer is the only path to Connect your Meizu smartphone or tablet with your personal computer or Laptop.

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Download Meizu USB Driver for all Model

Model NameDownload
Meizu 15Driver
Meizu 15 LiteDriver
Meizu 15 PlusDriver
Meizu 16Driver
Meizu 16 PlusDriver
Meizu 16sDriver
Meizu 16s ProDriver
Meizu 16XsDriver
Meizu Blue Charm X M92Driver
Meizu E2Driver
Meizu E3Driver
Meizu M1Driver
Meizu M1 MetalDriver
Meizu M1 NoteDriver
Meizu M2Driver
Meizu M2 MiniDriver
Meizu M2 NoteDriver
Meizu M3Driver
Meizu M3 MaxDriver
Meizu M3 NoteDriver
Meizu M3EDriver
Meizu M3SDriver
Meizu M3XDriver
Meizu M5Driver
Meizu M5 MiniDriver
Meizu M5 NoteDriver
Meizu M5CDriver
Meizu M5SDriver
Meizu M6Driver
Meizu M6 NoteDriver
Meizu M6 Note M1721Driver
Meizu M6SDriver
Meizu M6TDriver
Meizu M8Driver
Meizu M8 LiteDriver
Meizu M17Driver
Meizu M17 ProDriver
Meizu MXDriver
Meizu MX 4-CoreDriver
Meizu MX2Driver
Meizu MX3Driver
Meizu MX4Driver
Meizu MX4 ProDriver
Meizu MX5Driver
Meizu MX5eDriver
Meizu MX6Driver
Meizu Note 9Driver
Meizu Pro 5Driver
Meizu Pro 5 MiniDriver
Meizu Pro 6Driver
Meizu Pro 6 PlusDriver
Meizu Pro 6SDriver
Meizu Pro 7Driver
Meizu Pro 7 PlusDriver
Meizu Pro 7S M1792LDriver
Meizu U10Driver
Meizu U20Driver
Meizu U20 U685QDriver
Meizu X8Driver

How to Install Meizu USB Drivers for Windows

1: Download Meizu USB Drivers and extract it on your PC.
2: NOW, open Device Manager > Action > Add legacy hardware
3: Click “Next” in the Add legacy hardware wizard
4: NOW, select“Install the hardware that I manually select from the list (Proceed)” and click “Next“.
5: When done choose “Show all devices“, click “Next” and select the extracted file manually from your PC.
6: Now to start installing your new hardware, click “Next” once again.
7: Click “Install” in the Windows security prompt window.
8: Click “Finish” to complete the installation.

That’s it. Now you have successfully finished installing Android ADB Driver on your Windows computer. From now on, you will be able to connect your Android smartphone or tablet with the PC successfully.


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