Download Latest Wiko USB Drivers For All Models [UPDATED]

If you are looking for you to using Wiko smartphone or tablet? If yes, are you find a way to attach your device with the computer? If yes again is your answer, you are on the right page. Download Wiko USB Drivers & Also Wiko Stock ROM of your device given here (Base on your Phone model Number), install it in your computer and Attach your  Wiko device with Laptop or PC successfully.

Wiko doesn’t offer Laptop or computer suite software, downloading it and setting up the USB drivers in your personal computer is the only path to Connect your Wiko smartphone or tablet with your personal computer or Laptop.

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Download Wiko USB Driver for all Model

Model NameDownload
Wiko BarryDriver
Wiko Birdy 4GDriver
Wiko BloomDriver
Wiko Bloom 2Driver
Wiko Cink FiveDriver
Wiko Cink Peax 2Driver
Wiko Cink SlimDriver
Wiko Cink Slim 2Driver
Wiko DarkfullDriver
Wiko DarkmoonDriver
Wiko DarknightDriver
Wiko DarksideDriver
Wiko Fever 4GDriver
Wiko Fever SEDriver
Wiko Fever Special EditionDriver
Wiko FizzDriver
Wiko FreddyDriver
Wiko Freddy SunriseDriver
Wiko GetawayDriver
Wiko GoaDriver
Wiko HarryDriver
Wiko Harry 2Driver
Wiko HighwayDriver
Wiko Highway 4GDriver
Wiko Highway Pure 4GDriver
Wiko Highway SignsDriver
Wiko Highway Star 4GDriver
Wiko IggyDriver
Wiko JerryDriver
Wiko Jerry 2Driver
Wiko Jerry 2 SunriseDriver
Wiko Jerry 3Driver
Wiko Jerry 4Driver
Wiko JimmyDriver
Wiko Jimmy OchDriver
Wiko K-KoolDriver
Wiko K-Kool SwisscomDriver
Wiko KennyDriver
Wiko Kite 4GDriver
Wiko Kumai 918Driver
Wiko LennyDriver
Wiko Lenny 2Driver
Wiko Lenny 2 SunriseDriver
Wiko Lenny 2 SwisscomDriver
Wiko Lenny 3Driver
Wiko Lenny 3 MaxDriver
Wiko Lenny 3 SwisscomDriver
Wiko Lenny 4Driver
Wiko Lenny 4 PlusDriver
Wiko Lenny 4 SunriseDriver
Wiko Lenny 4 SwisscomDriver
Wiko Lenny 5Driver
Wiko Life C210AEDriver
Wiko Lubi 3Driver
Wiko OzzyDriver
Wiko PulpDriver
Wiko Pulp 3GDriver
Wiko Pulp 4GDriver
Wiko Pulp 4G SwisscomDriver
Wiko Pulp FabDriver
Wiko Pulp Fab 3GDriver
Wiko Pulp Fab 4GDriver
Wiko RainbowDriver
Wiko Rainbow 4GDriver
Wiko Rainbow JamDriver
Wiko Rainbow Jam 4GDriver
Wiko Rainbow LiteDriver
Wiko Rainbow Lite 4GDriver
Wiko Rainbow Lite 4G SunriseDriver
Wiko Rainbow UPDriver
Wiko Ride 4GDriver
Wiko RidgeDriver
Wiko Ridge 4GDriver
Wiko Ridge Fab 4GDriver
Wiko RiffDriver
Wiko RobbyDriver
Wiko Robby 2Driver
Wiko Robby SwisscomDriver
Wiko SelfyDriver
Wiko Selfy 4GDriver
Wiko SlideDriver
Wiko Slide 2Driver
Wiko StairwayDriver
Wiko SublimDriver
Wiko SunnyDriver
Wiko Sunny 2Driver
Wiko Sunny 2 PlusDriver
Wiko Sunny 2 SwisscomDriver
Wiko Sunny 3Driver
Wiko Sunny 3 K120Driver
Wiko Sunny 3 MiniDriver
Wiko Sunny 3 PlusDriver
Wiko Sunny 4 PlusDriver
Wiko Sunny MaxDriver
Wiko Sunny SunriseDriver
Wiko SunsetDriver
Wiko Sunset 2Driver
Wiko TommyDriver
Wiko Tommy 2Driver
Wiko Tommy 2 PlusDriver
Wiko Tommy 3Driver
Wiko U FeelDriver
Wiko U Feel GoDriver
Wiko U Feel LiteDriver
Wiko U Feel PrimeDriver
Wiko U Feel Prime P7201Driver
Wiko U-PulseDriver
Wiko U-Pulse LiteDriver
Wiko UfeelDriver
Wiko Ufeel fabDriver
Wiko Ufeel goDriver
Wiko Ufeel LiteDriver
Wiko Ufeel PrimeDriver
Wiko UpulseDriver
Wiko Upulse liteDriver
Wiko ViewDriver
Wiko View 2Driver
Wiko View 2 GoDriver
Wiko View 2 OrangeDriver
Wiko View 2 PlusDriver
Wiko View 2 ProDriver
Wiko View 3Driver
Wiko View 3 LiteDriver
Wiko View 3 ProDriver
Wiko View GoDriver
Wiko View LiteDriver
Wiko View MaxDriver
Wiko View PrimeDriver
Wiko View XLDriver
Wiko W-K200Driver
Wiko WaxDriver
Wiko Wax 4GDriver
Wiko WimDriver
Wiko Wim LiteDriver
Wiko Y50Driver
Wiko Y60Driver
Wiko Y70Driver
Wiko Y80Driver

How to Install Wiko USB Drivers for Windows

1: Download Wiko USB Drivers and extract it on your PC.
2: NOW, open Device Manager > Action > Add legacy hardware
3: Click “Next” in the Add legacy hardware wizard
4: NOW, select“Install the hardware that I manually select from the list (Proceed)” and click “Next“.
5: When done choose “Show all devices“, click “Next” and select the extracted file manually from your PC.
6: Now to start installing your new hardware, click “Next” once again.
7: Click “Install” in the Windows security prompt window.
8: Click “Finish” to complete the installation.

That’s it. Now you have successfully finished installing Android ADB Driver on your Windows computer. From now on, you will be able to connect your Android smartphone or tablet with the PC successfully.


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