How to hide last seen status on WhatsApp

If you have a smartphone with Android or iOS surely the first thing we did was we bought as download the instant messaging service from Google Play Store or the App Store: WhatsApp. Almost anyone knows this and that is the currently most used messaging between devices as it allows to talk to any device (no matter which operating system) that has the application installed.

But many times I have wondered: Can you remove the last time my connection profile WhatsApp? The answer is YES. But with one catch: we download an application called Whas Hide Last Seen, which will make our last minute no connection appears, or display the time in which we run the application. It is very useful and effective and also offers security if you want some contacts who do not know whether or not you connected.

How to hide last seen status on WhatsApp

What gives us WhatsApp Hide Last Seen?

  1. Use WhatsApp without any of our contacts check the latest connection time or if we are “online“.
  2. Read messages, write texts, attach videos, attach images, record audio without our contacts know that we are doing.

Ultimately, what makes WhatsApp Hide Last Seen is not updating the section: “Last time connection” preventing people know whether we are connected to the instant messaging application.


hide last seen status on WhatsApp

What to do?

  1. Buy the application (WhatsApp Hide Last Seen) and open it.
  2. Touching the top of the application icon, the icon of WhatsApp.
  3. Write and read any message.
  4. Quit the application to send messages without being updated “the last hour of connection.”

How is it possible?

Very simple. When we enter WhatsHide Last Seen and click the icon WhatsApp all terminal connections are disconnected thus making it not showing the connection and the last hour of free time in which you click the icon. When we left the application connections are reset and sent and received all that we sent in the time interval in which we have activated the pre-installed applications (WhatsApp Hide Last Seen).

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