Moving your Data from old Android Phone to another

Moving your Data from old Android Phone to anotherIt’s a magical time for any mobile device user, getting that brand new phone fresh from your telco, opening the box, peeling back the screen film and switch it on for the first time, seeing the Android start-up screen in all its customizable glory. But then the realization comes, somehow you’re going to have to get all your settings, apps and media from your old phone to your new phone, it’s a long road ahead.


Here are some simple, easy to follow steps to make the transition a little less horrid:

1. Contacts

Use your old device to export your contacts to your microSD card via the People app > Manage contacts > Import/Export contacts > Export to SD card. You can then insert the SD card into your new device and follow that same steps but instead of “Export to SD card”, select “Import from SD card”.

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