Top 3 Best Free Games for Android

Top 3 Best Free Games for AndroidThe free games for Android presented here are probably the best of their kind and have an enormous number of downloads and excellent reviews.

Angry Birds

With AngryBirds, Rovio has probably created the most successful app for Android and iOS. The number of downloads is enormous and the success of the series has become the same. The game principle is as simple as it is ingenious. With the help of birds, which are shot down with a catapult, the bad pigs have to be defeated in their castles and constructions made of ice, stone or wood. So that it does not get boring, there are a variety of different birds, each with different special skills.

Anyone who has downloaded AngryBirds will not regret this. The addiction potential of this app is gigantic and the different levels and new birds also guarantee motivation for a long time.


Fruit ninja

With Fruit Ninja, HalfBrick Studio has released a game that demands everything from you. In different modes, you have to chop different types of fruit with a ninja sword and process them into a fruit salad. However, you have to be careful not to accidentally catch a bomb as the explosion costs you a few points. You can choose between Classic, Zen and an Arcade Mode. The latter in particular offers powerups with which time runs more slowly, the whole screen is teeming with fruit and there is also a doubling of points.

Fruit Ninja is one of the apps that is just fun. Whether you just swing your sword comfortably in Zen mode or run your hand wildly across the screen in Arcade mode, fun is guaranteed.


Drag racing

Drag Racing is primarily aimed at the PS friends among us. With over 50 different vehicles you go on the slopes here and have to prove your skills on the 1/4 and 1/2 mile route. For long-term motivation, there is an upgrade and tuning function with which you can improve your car again and again. Drag Racing can be played both offline and online and you can compete against friends and opponents in 11 professional leagues. The game is compatible with popular Android smartphones/tablets and has been optimized for XPERIA. With App2SD support, only 1MB of internal memory is used.

Above all, the possibility of getting better and better cars ensures long-term fun with the app. But also the good and above all reliable online mode can convince and has led to drag racing ending up in our top 3.


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