WhatsApp Messenger enables cross-platform communication on the smartphone

Sending short messages on the Android device does not have to be expensive. With WhatsApp Messenger, there is free communication.

WhatsApp Messenger

The features at a glance;

  • Send messages for free
  • Send videos, pictures and voice messages
  • Group chat
  • Friends are automatically added based on the number
  • Messages are saved if there is no connection to the Internet

Years ago, SMS was still the most popular way to send text messages. If it should still be multimedia, the MMS was the means to the goal. Due to the increased number of smartphones, the classic short message is now outstripped by various messenger programs. The most famous example of such a messenger app is and remains WhatsApp.

This extremely popular app has been on the throne of all download lists in just under two years and regularly leads the best lists in both the App Store and the Android Market. And anyone who has already come into contact with WhatsApp will agree that this success is not undeserved.

WhatsApp Messenger apk download


The cost savings in comparison to normal SMS alone are enormous. If there are still up to 20 cents in the text message, sending a message with WhatsApp is completely free. All connections are sent over the mobile data network and so you can be reached almost anywhere and always. You are not only limited to text, but you can also send pictures and videos to other WhatsApp users. The other party only needs to have WhatsApp installed on their smartphone and can receive messages immediately. Registration is not necessary and WhatsApp identifies suitable contacts from its own address book based on the phone number stored there.

WhatsApp Web Scan

This also shows the advantage of WhatsApp. There is a suitable app for almost every mobile OS and iOS, Android, Blackberry and Nokia are covered. But that alone would certainly not be enough to justify the enormous number of downloads. The range of functions also speaks for WhatsApp. So you can start group chats in addition to individual conversations. You can check whether the person you requested has received the message as well as the read status of the individual messages.

Whatsapp for PC Windows 7

WhatsApp is structured like a typical messenger and the history of the conversations can be easily traced. WhatsApp also has a status system with which you can communicate your own status so that potential “disrupters” can be notified in advance of your own inaccessibility.

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